Account Creation

For many tasks you will need to create accounts on different websites. Here are some guidelines for setting them up.

Links to the websites will be provided in the instructional email or document. From time to time they will be affiliate links, but I assure you there is no cost to yourself involved in using these links. If you are uncomfortable using the affiliate link, you are free to navigate to the site without it.

Choosing a username:

When choosing a username for the accounts please use a first name, any first name is fine though western names are pefered.

FiverrSeller01 = NO
Jonah = OK
Sarah208 = OK
JoshT = OK

Basically, this needs to be a regular name and adding letters or numbers to the end is okay as long as do not go overboard.

Email Address for Account:

Please use the PLR Content Market email I have provided whenever signing up for a website I ask you to sign up to.

Account Password:

Please choose a password that fits these requirements:

-First letter must be capitalized.
-Password must contain 4-6 letters.
-Password must contain 2-4 numbers.

cookies5 = NO
9soi = NO
Juicee9839 = OK

Any other account details will be provided in the instructional email or document. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email or message me.

Reporting Account Information:

Please be sure to send me all account information for the accounts you create. I would like the account information sent as a PDF document and include a link to the website, the username, and the password to each account. Please retain this document and add to it if I ask you to create more accounts later so they will all be on the same document. Name this document “Name Accounts” replacing the word “Name” with your name.

If you are unsure of how to create a PDF, click here.