Affiliate Contest Information

New Affiliate Contest

Welcome to the third PLR Content Market affiliate contest! This contest will start on July 2nd and go through July 9th. Be sure to read all of the way through to find the prizes I will be giving out for this contest.

If you haven’t already, sign up here to be an affiliate.

Here a few other things I’ll be doing for you guys during this affiliate event:

  • I’ve created a link that leads to the main page. You will find it under product specific affiliate programs and it is called “Main Page.” Remember, your main affiliate link leads to the free PLR offer.
  • I will be releasing several new packs this week. I will NOT be emailing my list about them until the end of the affiliate event, meaning you guys will have more of a chance to get sales. Some of these will be PLR reports.
  • The coupon code “JULY” will give customers a 50% discount on everything in my store including my PLR reports!

Remember, this is also a 6 month cookie, so if you get people to sign up for my list now through the free PLR link, you will keep getting commissions on things they buy from me for the next 6 months.

Affiliate Contest

Now for the contest! There are several prizes available for affiliates as an added bonus for this week. Only sales made between the 2nd and 9th will count for this contest. (Sales that are refunded will not count towards the total.)

  • For every 10 sales you make you will get an extra $5 prize on top of your commissions.
  • There is no cap to the cash prizes, earn as many as you can!

The Prizes!

I know this is what you are really here for. Well, I’m offering something a little special. Cash prizes are good, but I want to give you something that will keep more money coming to you.

That is why the person who sells the most PLR will also get a permanent 10% boost to their commission rates! Whoever manages to sell the most PLR during this contest will be permanently boosted to 60% commission. (Or rather, a 10% boost from where they are.)

The second and third place winners will get a 5% boost, boosting you to 55%.

Anyone who promotes PLR know how valuable this is. As long as PLR Content Market is open, which will be a LONG time, you will earn more commission for every sale you make.

Note: Commissions cannot exceed 75% from contest rewards.

I’ve noticed in past contests that the people who did the best not only emailed their list, but promoted on Google+ and Twitter. If you add @AmandaHeartsPLR somewhere in the tweet so I can find it, I will make sure to do a retweet for you!

Good luck everyone and please let me know if you have any questions!