Before You Start Working

There are a few things it is important to do before you start working. There is some information I will be needing to make sure everything is clear on both ends.

Please create a document containing the following information and send me the document as a PDF. Please be make the filename your name. If you do not know how to create a PDF, click here.

Name: (Please be sure it matches your PayPal or AlertPay.)
Contact Email: (The one we will communicate through.)
PLR Content Email: (Given when hired.).
Password for PLR Content Email: (Also given when hired.)
Skype Username: (If available.)
Method of Receiving Payment: (PayPal or AlertPay)
Email for Payment:
Day of the Week for Payment: (I normally pay once a week, if you have a preferred day, let me know, otherwise I will pay on Fridays.)
Job Hired For:
Agreed Pay Rate:
Date of Hiring:
List of Skills You Already Have:
Skills You Are Willing to Learn: