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Hello bloggers and marketers!

Gardening is one of the biggest hobbies worldwide. Whether it be fruit, vegetables, or flowers people all over the world love growing them. Why should it matter to you?

Every year these gardeners flock to the local hardware, big box stores, AND the internet looking for tips for growing bigger and better plants, ideas for their gardens, and anything they can buy to make their job easier and more successful.

Here’s where you come in. Armed with awesome blog posts and great product recommendations you help them grow bigger vegetables, healthier trees, and prettier flowers all while earning commissions.

And I’m here to help!

The hardest part of this business is content. You need those awesome blog posts and great product recommendations if you want those commissions. I’m here to help with my newest PLR pack all about fruit and vegetable gardening.

Why fruits and vegetables? Food gardening is by far the most researched type of gardening. It’s not only experienced gardeners looking to grow fruits and veggies. It’s mothers wanting to feed their children healthier foods. It’s families trying to save money by growing food. It’s people trying to get away from GMOs or wanting food stored in case of disaster.

More people than ever are growing their own fruits and vegetables.

Here’s what I’ve got for you in this new pack. (It’s limited to only 200 people so grab it before it’s gone!)

10 Fruit and Vegetable Gardening PLR Articles

Veggies are some of the easiest things for new gardeners to grow and they don’t take up a lot of space so a lot of people are looking for information on it. Not to mention there are just so many vegetables out there!

Fruit trees are getting more popular as more people shift away from GMO foods plus they provide food year after year.

I’ve included highly searched topics that also provide value to the reader and help you build trust.

All articles are 450-1000 words.

  • Finding Space to Grow Fruit
  • Top Tips for Fruit Gardening
  • What to Do With Fruit After Harvesting
  • Best 5 Fruits for Beginning Gardeners
  • Fruit Trees: Worth the Wait
  • Building a Children’s Garden
  • Adding Unique and Tasty Plants to Your Garden
  • Winter Veggies For the Cold Weather Gardener
  • Best 5 Veggies for Beginning Gardeners
  • 7 Easy to Make Gardening Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Reviews of Related Products

The best way to earn commissions is by recommending great products for your readers. I’ve reviewed some of the top sellers on Amazon. All of the products are over $30 with most between $100-200.

Just add in your affiliate link (I give you the product link in each document) and you’re ready to start earning those commissions.

  • Forest City Tumbling Composter
  • Gardman 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse
  • Good Ideas Rain Wizard
  • Gorillas Cart Heavy Duty Gardening Cart
  • Hydrofarm Germination Station With Heating Pad

And Then There’s More…

You’ll need more than articles to get people on your website and I’ve got you covered there too with some ready-to-go promotion tools.

15 Gardening Tweets

  • Not just for Twitter! Use them as status updates on Google+ or on your Facebook page.
  • Popular hashtags already included in several tweets.
  • Each has room for you to add a URL and are related to the articles included in this pack.

10 Social Media Graphics

  • One graphic related to each article.
  • Graphics get the most engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • No editing required. They’re ready to post as soon as you download them.

I normally charge $2 per article for my limited PLR. It would cost you $20 or more per article to have them ghostwritten. Don’t worry, I won’t be charging you anywhere near that today.

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Fruit and Vegetable Gardening PLR - Articles, Tweets, Social Media Graphics

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Fruit and Vegetable Gardening PLR - Articles, Tweets, Social Media Graphics

Instant Download – Even at 2 am

Only 175 Copies Remaining