Limited PLR – Xbox One vs Playstation 4 PLR Report

This report limited to only 200 people. 161 Copies Left Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Which has more powerful hardware?
  • What is the difference between Xbox Live and Playstation Plus?
  • Which accessories are necessary for each system? Which are optional but very cool?
  • Which console has better launch titles?
  • What about the GAMES? Who has better games overall?
  • What will they cost to buy?

Product Information

This is the big question that gamers are asking right now. In fact, it seems to be what EVERYONE who has anything to do with video games is asking.

I’ve mapped it all out for you and your buyers/readers. This report is perfect for a freebie, a low priced product (with your affiliate links), or even to be turned into a mini blog or autoresponder series! I’ve made sure to cover all of the hot topics.