Posting a Fiverr Gig

When posting a Fiverr gig, you will likely be posting the same gig to several clones as well.

In general you will be posting the gigs to all of the Fiverr type sites I have asked you to create accounts for. For more information on creating accounts, click here.

Simply sign in to your account and click “Selling” and select the option that will allow you to post the gig.

You will mostly be posting gigs selling ebooks. The ebooks will all be included in your email so you may reference them when writing the titles and descriptions. For information on writing descriptions, click here. If I have provided descriptions, please use those.

In the “Buyer’s Instructions” field you will provide a download link to the book. Include the text “Click the link to open the document and go to your file menu and then select “Save.” You may also right click the link and select “Save As.”

The url for each book will be”BookTitle.pdf”.

Replace the part in quotes with the filename of the book. Remember, it is case sensitive. Please test the link before you post the gig.

Once all of the gigs are posted, please return a report to me including links to each gig in a PDF. If you unsure about how to create a PDF, click here. Please name the file “Your Name_Gigs_Date” with the date being the day you email the report.

In general I will be providing you with 20 books at a time, which is the maximum number of gigs allowed on one account.