Limited PLR

What is Limited PLR? Limited PLR is PLR that will only be sold to a certain number of people. This is a great option for people who want to save money by buying PLR, but want content that is not as widely available. Because only a limited number of copies are available, my limited PLR does have a slightly higher price, but it is still a great discount compared to hiring a Ghostwriter!

This page will be updated with all currently available limited PLR packs.

Xbox One PLR

For almost it’s entire lifetime the Xbox 360 outsold the Playstation 3 and was known as the console for “real” gamers.

Now the newest version, the Xbox One, is ready to make a splash when it hits the marketplace. Over 77 million Xbox 360s have been sold so far. How many of those people will be clamoring for the

Price: $10

Copies Remaining: 154/200

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Playstation 4 PLR

The Playstation 4 is set to be the biggest video game console release since the Playstation 2 over 13 years ago.

Parents, teens, and gamers of all ages will be flocking to stores both online and offline to get their hands on this powerful gaming system. Give them the information they want and need before they buy.

Price: $10

Copies Remaining: 154/200

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Xbox One vs Playstation 4 PLR Report

This is the big question that gamers are asking right now. In fact, it seems to be what EVERYONE who has anything to do with video games is asking.

I’ve mapped it all out for you and your buyers/readers. This report is perfect for a freebie, a low priced product (with your affiliate links), or even to be turned into a mini blog or autoresponder series! I’ve made sure to cover all of the hot topics.

Price: $14

Copies Remaining: 157/200

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